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Upper body workout!

Upper body workout!

Toned, sexy arms never go out of style and are perfect to bare in the summer with that flattering tank top. My favorite part about any upper body workout is shoulders. Shoulders are what define the whole arm and add a sense of sexiness! Upper […]

Spin it out!

Spin it out!

There is just something about hopping on a bike and getting lost for 30 to 60 minutes a day that brings pure joy to my life. I like nothing more than to turn on some killer beats that motivate me and burn those calories. Cycling […]

Top 10 Butt-Kicking Exercises

Top 10 Butt-Kicking Exercises

One of my favorite body parts to train is the booty…buttocks…derrière..fanny. OK that’s enough let’s get started.

My top 10:

1. Spin bike.

  • If you have access to one use it! It’s especially good for that booty, some other benefits are it improves circulation, strengthens the core and back muscles and aides toward a healthy heart. This is a great entry level Spin Bike.

»Alternative- Treadmill on highest incline at a slow to       medium pace or Hiking.

2. Kickbacks with resistance bands

  • Place the band around thighs, knees slightly bent shoulder length apart.
  • Contract the glute and slowly extend left leg back to full extension
  • At full extension, pause and squeeze those glutes to.
  • Slowly lower leg and repeat.

3. Front to Back Resistance bands.

»Fact: you will feel the burn. My favorite resistance bands can be found here.

4. Bulgarian Split Squat

  • Elevate rear leg on any object that is shin to knee height.
  • Step forward into lunge position (knees should not pass toes)
  • Lower into split squat position, keeping the weight on the center of your front foot.
  • With core braced, push down through front heel, squeezing glutes and return to standing position.

5. Bridge

  • Lay back on the ground, feet shoulder width apart with knees at a 90 degree angle. Arms to the side.
  • Tighten your core, squeeze you glutes, press down through your heel and extend your hips straight up.
  • Pause at top for 4 to 5 seconds, don’t forget to squeeze the booty
  • Slowly lower back down.

   »Core and hips should move as one.

6. Front Squat

  • Legs shoulder width apart, hold the dumbbell in front of your chest.
  • Tighten the core and sit back into a squat position, shifting your body weight onto your heels. (not going too far, knees should not pass your toes)
  • Lower down into your desired depth and pause
  • Squeeze the booty and from there push through your heels back into standing position.

7. Sumo Squat

  • Legs a little more than shoulder width apart with toes pointed out. Hold dumbbell in front of your chest up.
  • Tighten the core and sit back into a squat position. (knees should not pass your toes.)
  • Squeeze the booty (mind to muscle) and push with heels back into standing position.

8. Donkey Kicks

  • On all fours, legs shoulder width apart. Kick left foot up with foot pointed out and slowly kick out and up. Repeat with right side.

   »Make sure core is tight and hips are level.

9. Step ups

  • Stand in front of object that is no higher than knee height.
  • Slowly lift left leg and stand onto object, pressing down through your heel (contract glutes while standing up)
  • Raise right leg into marching position, quick pause then slowly lower it back down.

   »Alternate legs each rep.

10. Curtsy Lunge

  • Start in standing position, legs shoulder width apart and slowly step back diagonally with left leg
  • Squat down squeezing the glutes
  • Push off heel and return to standing position. Repeat desired reps, then switch legs.