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Upper body workout!

Upper body workout!

Toned, sexy arms never go out of style and are perfect to bare in the summer with that flattering tank top. My favorite part about any upper body workout is shoulders. Shoulders are what define the whole arm and add a sense of sexiness! Upper […]

Backpacking gear guide

Backpacking gear guide

What better way to experience nature than strapping all your gear on your back and hiking out into the abyss.  Backpacking is the best way to combine adventure, fitness and solitude in one trip. Hiking into the wilderness equipped with only what you can carry […]

Arizona’s Top Hikes

Arizona’s Top Hikes

1.Flatiron aka Siphon Draw:

This is my all time favorite hike, I’ve probably hiked it over 15 times. The trail is 6 miles round trip but don’t let the miles fool you, the 2,900 plus elevation gain will be challenging.

2.Four peaks aka Brown’s peak:

The tallest peak in Maricopa county at 7,659 ft. It is about 5.1 miles round trip but with a 1,952 elevation gain. The hike is mostly climbing straight up a chute to the top.


It’s about 2.4 miles round trip, with a great view at the top. Get to the trail head early, it’s a popular spot!

4.Picket Post:

A short, steep hike at 4 miles round trip with a 1,921 elevation gain. There is a summit registry and a mailbox at the top, along with amazing views of course!


5.Reavis Falls:

The trail is about 13.3 miles long with deep (depending on season) water crossings along the way to the waterfall.

6.Battleship Mountain:

I have a full blog post here. It’s about 11.8 miles round trip and rated difficult but with amazing views at the

7.Hieroglyphic Trail #101:

This trail is short, fun and easy. It is a scenic 3 mile round trip with only 580 ft. elevation gain.


Beautiful, breathtaking waterfalls at the end of a 10 mile hike one way. I have a full blog on my adventure here.

9.San Tan Mountain:

My favorite trail is Dynamite, it is perfect for trail running. With over 10,000 acres this mountain has a trail for everyone.

10. South Mountain:

The park has more than 51 miles of trails for hiking. My favorite trail we used to do as kids was ‘Fat Mans Pass’, it’s probably best not to try if you had a doughnut that day 😉