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Hiking Battleship Mountain

Hiking Battleship Mountain

Oh, Battleship Mountain where do I begin. Let me start off by saying if you are not comfortable with heights, this will be a real life nightmare. Now that that’s taken care of, this hike is definitely one worth remembering.

Battleship mountain is nestled just behind the Superstitions in good old Arizona. We did this hike in early January and the weather was a bit chilly to start off but by the end of the 11.8 miles it was hot! The trail starts out at First Water trail-head which is your typical desert trail and that connects to Second Water trail, then Boulder Canyon Trail.  

From there we started upstream with Battleship in the distance. The wash was mostly dry but had a few spots with a decent amount of water. The cairns weaved us through and we came to a moss covered boulder to start the climb.

I was not prepared for the next part. The climb up to the top was intermediate rock climbing with no real trail but after positive reinforcement from the husband I was able to make it to the top.

Once we reached the top of the mesa, we just had to find our way across. We had to back track a couple of times but eventually made it across.  I was in awe of that view. At the top you can see Weavers needle , Geronimo Head, Canyon Lake and Flatiron. Going down is not half as bad as going up. On our way back we did run out of water, since the hike took us longer than expected. All and all the 11.8 mile hike took us about 7 and 1/2 hours. With breathtaking views and an eventful journey, it’s a must on anyone’s bucket list!


Things to bring:

  • GPS
  • Food
  • Water…lots of water
  • Adventure spirit, of course